“I ♥ it x”

It’s overwhelming when you start to get feedback on something like Book of Kool. You work away in your own way, shooting photos, editing photos, trying to be the best photographer you can, putting the book together, then when you’re happy with it, you put a plan together of how to get it out to people, build a website, set up Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Then the time comes to put yourself out there and make it public.

There’s a bit of you that wonders if no one will buy it or like it and the whole thing has been some delusional waste of time. Then orders come in. Packages get sent and you wait.

Then the generous souls who have been brave enough to buy it are kind enough to say a few words about what they thought when they open it and looked at the photos. Suddenly it all becomes worthwhile. Your support is overwhelming.

Thanks, Nick.

Here’s what some of you have been saying (some of these are internet names in case you didn’t guess):

Charlotte Pook (who is in the book) “Hey i received my book this morning :) ♥ it , its amazing the lay out is beautiful. I ♥ it x”

Charlotte in Book of Kool

Brain Damaged “Got home to find Nick Grant’s ‘Book Of Kool, Volume One’ on the doormat. Loving it!! Seriously impressive stuff. It may not be immediately apparent in my FB albums, but your photography is a big inspiration to me. Looking forward to Vol.2 now! :-)

Jimmy the Pump “Just had my copy delivered and its cracking stuff…thanks Nick”

Chris Guite “Mine arrived today, great work Nick. :)

BigBossMan “Great collection of imagery and there’s some Johnny Cash in there too which makes it even better”

Big Davey “Mine arrived this morning, really good thanks, hope its a success”

David Williams “10/10 to Mr Grant!”

Satan “mine arrived today, brilliant nick,thanks, it certainly lives up to its name, are you planning vol 2, and so on?”

52 Devon, Gary “Book of Kool arrived today,and is certainly that!”

Robert Hilton-Ash “got my copy of your book today great pics and hope you come to the chelsea cruise on saturday for the haloween special is ment to be a busy night”

Richy Barnett “Arrived today – good work feller! Yeah, it’s spot-on…. great pics and design. Good paper choice too. 10/10!”

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