David Biene

David Biene

“Pure passion, from the man behind the lens to the colorful people who are not role playing, they are living it.
Passion is the fuel. Great book!” Cole Foster/ Salinas Boys

“Love is black and white.” Uncle Sally*s Magazine

“Hope and glory, rise and fall, rock and roll. He loves it. He shoots it. And he lives it.” Intake Magazine

“Straight from the core of life.” Stern Magazine

“Essential.” Lodown Magazine

“Ageless & beautiful” Warp Magazine Japan

David Biene works and live as a freelance photographer in Berlin/ Germany. His photographic work is all about people- be it portraits of artists, portrait-style fashion or commercials or reportage series. Aside of his day-to-day busines biene works on free art projects that get exhibitied internationally.

After takin part in several international group exhibitions biene released his first coffeetable book by the title of Hopped-Up in 2009. Since he was a kid, david biene remembers, he was into big, old motocycles and cars. The louder the better. In his teens he liked to have some shots of rockabilly and rhythm’n’blues in his mix of punk and early hardcore. In 2000 it than all came together when a friend told biene about events where people actually race their old cars and bikes and bands play that music live.

From this very event on biene was completely hooked in. He has been travelling all over Europe for 5 years to collect the photogrpahs and interviews for this book. From beginning to end every photo he took for this is taken on film and has not been manipulated in any way. While Hopped-Up sold out in about 3,5 months there were several exhibitions in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and London. david biene was invited to present Hopped-Up at the museum for photography Hamburg same as at the photography fair Photokina. David Biene is working on getting out a second print run of this awarded book.


Artist(s): Site: http://www.david-biene.de

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