PIXELEYE – Dirk Behlau

PIXELEYE – Dirk Behlau

Dirk Behlau, aka „The Pixeleye“, born in 1971, is an internationally acclaimed designer, filmmaker and photographer from Cologne/Germany. Since 1999, he creates individual high-class solutions for international customers in his design-studios Pixeleye Interactive

The Pixeleye prefers shooting „Kool Lifestyle“: american cars from the 30´s till 70´s, classic glamorous pin-ups, rockstars and uncommon people with attitude. The Pixeleye works worldwide for international publications and brands.

The Pixeleye has published several Kustom Kutlure/Hot Rod books worldwide like Kool Fellas, Ltd. – Photography by Dirk Behlau (2010, www.koolfellas.com), Hotrod Empire, Inc. – Photography by Dirk Behlau (2008, www.hotrodempire.de), Speed Kings – Racing Photography by Dirk Behlau (2007, www.speedkings-book.com) as well as co-op books like Kustom Kamera (2010, Korero Books)


Press Quotes:

Ol Skool Rodz Magazine (USA)
“Dirk Behlau is one of those rare photographers who is able to take photos of people you’ve never met and make them seem familiar, friends almost. His photographs of vehicles make you want to reach out and turn the key. It’s safe to say that Dirk is one of the top two or three kustom kulture photographers in Europe. He understands the subjects – hot rods, custom cars, stripped down motorcycles, pinup and burlesque girls – and the men and women who live the lifestyle every day. That is obvious from his photography. It is gritty and raw, like his subjects, never polished or pretentious. He’s not a photographer trying to figure something out. He has it figured out because this is his life, too. Dirk just relays what he sees from the inside.”

Deadbeat Magazine (Australia)
Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau is renowned for his ability to capture the kustom kulture lifestyle [...] Dirk´s work will be looked back upon in the future as some of the most iconic imagery that chronicled international kustom kulture scenes today.

SundayCruise Fever (USA)
Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau probably has the coolest job on the planet. When he’s not out photographing beautiful hot rods draped in gorgeous women, he’s compiling books about beautiful hot rods draped in gorgeous women. And when he’s not doing that, his photos become the spokesperson for the entire oldskool subculture in Europe and beyond. His work in documenting the people and the cars has a certain way of conveying the spirit and the attitudes within the subculture. It’s not just your typical “Brylcreem user in a flat black ’32 roadster” photographs that we’ve almost come to expect from thousands of greasers playing tough for the camera, appearing on Flickr and in half-rate hot rodding magazines. Behlau is actually a part of this scene, crossing the line from photographer to subject to capture it from the inside. In Behlau’s latest book, “Kool Fellas, Ltd.,” not only do you get “attitude” shots of greaser guys, there’s also the real, honest, not-so-gritty side of the subculture. There are photographs of pin-up models doing their makeup, and “flag girls” playfully jumping to start a drag race the old fashioned way (i.e., no light trees, electronic timers, or concession stands). It’s an inside glimpse of a unique world that few outsiders are lucky enough to see. Behlau’s work is the real deal, a colourful tribe of hot rodders, captured by one of their own on a pinstriped camera.

West Coast Choppers Europe
“He´s well known all over europe, constantly on the road and always good for some new and brilliant stuff coming from his HQ in the center of germany, wether it´s another beautiful coffeetable gem like all his books are [...] Welcome Pixeleye to the West Coast Choppers Europe Crew as the official Photographer. Hey Dirk, we´re happy and proud to have you on board!”

Fuel Magazine (Australia)
“Dirk Behlau is a knock-out photographer and graphic artist from Germany. His style is unique and his images are suberb!”

Artist(s): +49 (0) 178 7844926 Site: http://www.dirkbehlau.de

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