Roland Brunner

Roland Brunner

Roland Brunner, aka “Phot√∂rhead”, is a child from the early 70′s. He is interested in old techniques from cars to motorcycles, bicycles and cameras, most of them older than himself. He works as a web developer in a creative field for over 10 years and 2009 he came across photography, when he borrowed a pocket camera from a friend to document his trip to the french normandy, visiting the anniversary of the d-day.

He was immediately passionated about photography. It was obvious to combine photography and his interests for Hot Rods, Kustoms and muscle car, especially Mopar muscle cars, photographed with his huge collection of vintage cameras, from the late 50′s to the 70′s. They support him at every rockabilly, hot rod or classic car meet.

Locations: Switzerland, Italy, Southern Germany

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